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The Choice Of Heater

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

How to choose the right heater, first of all to consider the size of the heater power. In order to meet the time parameters of the conditions, the choice of power is to meet the heating medium required heat, is to ensure that the heater can achieve the purpose of heating, the normal operation of the first choice.

Since the thermal efficiency of the electric heating is approximately 1, it can be considered that the power of the heater is the calorific value.

1, power selection considerations

The calculation of power should take into account the following three:

⑴ from the initial state, according to the provisions of the time required to achieve heating medium to set the temperature (operating temperature);

⑵ in the working conditions, the heat enough to maintain the medium temperature;

⑶ should have a certain margin of safety, generally take 1.2.

Obviously, from the ⑴, ⑵ select the power of the larger, multiplied by the safety margin is the power should be selected.

2, the calculation of the required power from the initial state of heating

(1) static fluid heating

(2) flow fluid plus

(3) air duct heater atmospheric air heating

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