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Personal Water Heater Warm Throughout The Winter

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Recently, the temperature lower, love "showers" of the Foshan people and ultimately a hot water out of water water heater. Reporters yesterday visited Foshan appliance store found that many water heater brands have not exhibited solar water heater products. "Foshan people like to buy gas water heater", "Foshan people like to buy water storage water heater", a lot of shopping guide said.

Why the market has this tendency? Insiders said that this is mainly related to the living environment, in fact, now gas water heaters and water storage water heaters than the past more energy efficient, and more secure. But an industry to remind the public, choose energy-saving water heater can not only see the energy efficiency level, but also concerned about the hot water output rate.

Trend 1: the capacity is growing

Why the air can water heater in Foshan did not market it? An appliance store water heater director Miss Zou analysis, which is related to the majority of the public housing structure, because the air to water heaters need to be installed outdoors and occupy a larger place, and Foshan, the majority of the top floor of the building is not open or occupied by the top tenants, so only a few The villas of the independent villas will choose solar water heaters.

"This year popular 16 liters of gas water heater." Miss Liang told reporters in recent years, Foshan City, household water heater capacity is growing, from 8 to 10 liters, 12 liters, this year increased to 16 liters.

"However, although the capacity increased a lot, but the energy consumption is not necessarily increased, because the new water heater in the energy saving and environmental protection than the past a lot of progress in water heaters this year also increased water heater energy subsidies, but also encourage manufacturers to produce energy - saving water heater. Miss Liang introduced in recent years, manufacturers continue to carry out technological innovation, such as the addition of a heat exchanger condensing water heater, a two heating, thermal efficiency greatly improved than in the past, more than 20% of traditional water heaters.

The water storage type electric water heater also through technological innovation to achieve energy saving and convenience. According to Miss Lu introduced, the traditional electric water heaters usually need to wait after half an hour to have hot water, and the capacity is usually more than 60 liters. And this year's new "small capacity" fast electric water heater, boot after five or six minutes can use hot water, three homes 40 liters is enough. Because the new machine uses three heating tubes, power up to 5000 watts. Traditional electric water heaters usually have a power of 3,000 watts, but the new water heater is less than half the cost of conventional water heaters, because the internal addition of the compressor absorbs energy.

Trend II: intelligent, personalized

With the rise of electrical intelligence trend, intelligent has gradually become the development trend of high-end water heater. Such as "smart bath" technology is based on the Internet of Things to cloud technology as the support, the chip technology into the home hot water system, instead of the user to calculate and command the working status of water heaters. Reporters in a water heater on the leaflets to see, the product has a memory, energy saving, bathtub, fruit and vegetable and other hot water mode.

Another water heater is the promotion of different consumers can provide personalized, humane hot water solutions, multiple temperature preset, DIY bath water, energy query, antifreeze warning, child lock, intelligent remote control and other functions, Enabling intelligent communication between users and products. Multiple temperature presets can be customized according to the composition of the family members, the most suitable for children, the elderly, the use of adult temperature. Energy query can be real-time query water consumption, air consumption, fire files, but also understand the cost of bathing. The intelligent temperature engine, water and gas double tone, three valve five temperature control, intelligent memory technology, to achieve 10 seconds speed constant temperature, fine control temperature difference of not more than 0.5 ℃.

Another example, "full intelligence chip" technology can automatically calculate the combustion parameters, reduce energy loss, while the intelligent ohm shield can all-round leakage.

Smart water heaters can even simulate complex bath environments such as water, creek, drizzle, and a combination of sound and light, allowing users to experience the fun of bathing in the natural environment.

Reminder one: find out the living environment and then shot

Many people in the purchase of water heaters did not consider too much, go directly to the store to buy. There are shopping guide to remind the public to buy a water heater to consider the different installation environment, do not choose the wrong type.

First install the environment, is it possible to install it outdoors? Installed in the outdoor can be considered solar water heater. If only installed in the room, but also consider whether to install in the bathroom. Straight type gas water heater can not be installed in the bathroom, can only be installed in the balcony or kitchen. Must be installed in the bathroom, then we must choose a mandatory balance of gas water heater, so easy to lead to security incidents. If it is installed in the outdoor balcony, you have to choose the use of cold-rolled plate shell dedicated outdoor water heater, weather and rain can not easily rust.

In addition, the purchase of gas water heater also understand the home use of gas is natural gas or gas. Now most of the water heater brand each style has two kinds of gas options.

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