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How To Use Water Heater Safely

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 24, 2018

Electric water heaters can not be separated from the more dangerous "water" and "electricity" during use. As long as the water heater's safety standards are not up to standard, the family's water consumption scene will always have potential safety hazards. The most important thing is to use electric water heaters to buy electric water heaters. To look for the "anti-electric wall" technology

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According to statistics, since 1997, China has suffered more than 1,000 electric shocks due to electric water heaters. The reason is that there is no grounding line for electric water heaters, or environmental energies caused by other reasons such as household electricity environment, and the main reason is that consumers have purchased electric water heaters without anti-electric wall technology, resulting in great Security risks.

Lectra's anti-electric wall technology can detect the bathing electricity environment at any time. Whether it is grounding or energizing, it can instantaneously reduce the leakage voltage to within 12V that the human body can safely withstand. Its voltage is only equivalent to a few dry cells. No harm to human body will occur, thus avoiding the occurrence of electric shock accidents. This kind of unconditional and safe electric wall protection technology can be said to be “no electric washing” in the true sense. In fact, there are two other common anti-electrical technologies in China's water heater market - leakage protection plugs and water outage technologies. However, compared to the unconditional security of the anti-wall technology, the security of these two technologies is relatively conditional. For example, leakage protection plugs should be checked regularly to prevent damage or malfunction.

Water quality safety should not be neglected: we must choose to meet the bath water quality safety standards

After a bath, itchy skin on the body has rashes. Many users will suspect that they have skin problems. The problem is actually a bathing water. Sand, rust, residual chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances contained in tap water will cause skin infringement and accelerate skin aging. The thumb water series water heater that can solve bathing water quality safety problem, the original living water valve technology, opens the strong water flow in the active water valve gallbladder, the inner cylinder scale is affected by the water flow, rapidly discharges the gallbladder, cleans up the gallbladder space effectively, activates the water quality, South Korea Ultrafiltration nano ceramic filter filter rust, suspended pollutants, red worms, parasites, metal particles, odors and so on. Using nano-filtration to effectively eliminate sediment, more than 90% of residual chlorine and 99% of bacteria, so that bath water is not only clean and even to achieve skin care efficacy, good health skin care first step, completely solved the user for water purification bath Demand.

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