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How To Choose Electric Water Heater

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Faced with an array of electric water heater brand on the market, many consumers tend to feel at a loss. How to buy a desirable, safe and durable electric water heater it? In fact, as long as the attention in the purchase of the following points, choose a good electric water heater is not a difficult task.

First, important parts and key performance

1, choose the right liner

Electric water heater liner is the key to the quality of the purchase of electric water heaters. At present, the electric water heater liner can be divided into three grades: stainless steel liner, enamel liner, galvanized liner.

The highest grade, the longest life is stainless steel liner. Stainless steel liner selection of high-quality imported stainless steel materials, the use of advanced TIG welding, can prevent the oxidation of the weld, the service life of up to 15 years. This product is more expensive, suitable for more affordable families.

Mid-range enamel liner. European countries use more, is in ordinary steel coated with a layer of inorganic ceramic glaze made, do not rust and cost only stainless steel liner 1 / 6-1 / 4. The manufacturing process has a high demand, such as the United States and the brand of blue diamond liner, after welding the liner through the inner surface of the sand preparation, increase the enamel adsorption force, the use of wet enamel the most advanced 360-degree three-dimensional rotation , So that the glaze slurry evenly adsorbed on the inner surface of the liner, so that the interior really do all-round, no dead angle enamel cover protection, coverage rate of 99.99% or more, and then after 870 degrees high temperature calcination with the inner limb wall integration The Such a high process requirements, the general manufacturers often also because of technical barriers and discouraged. Because of its high cost, and the technology is more mature, and now the market is the fourth generation of electric water heaters are generally used in this type of liner, the price of its products are more in line with the requirements of most Chinese families.

Relatively low-grade galvanized liner coated with curing resin, because the liner in the 70-80 ℃ heating environment, the curing tree refers to the hydrolysis reaction, zinc protective layer rust resistance and poor service life. Due to low production costs, the price is low. This type of product market has been basically eliminated.

2, a comprehensive security device

As the use of electric water heaters and the safety of the personal safety of consumers, so choose electric water heater must pay attention to safety performance. Electric water heaters should generally be installed to protect, anti-dry, anti-over-temperature, anti-overpressure device, there are high-grade leakage protection and automatic water disconnection and additional power off instructions. Water heater liner pressure rating is generally 0.75MPa, requiring overpressure protection device in the liner pressure reaches the rated value, should be automatically open the safety valve to pressure relief to ensure safety. Leakage protection device generally requires leakage current up to 15mA when the power can be quickly cut within 0.1 seconds, long anti-power wall in the type of product, be regarded as one of the more iconic leakage protection functional products. To purchase products with Great Wall safety signs.

3, the insulation effect should be good enough

The key to the impact of water heater power consumption is the effect of insulation, purchase should focus on consideration. The main factors affecting the insulation effect is the thickness of the insulation layer and the density of the insulation material, consumers should try to choose the thickness of the moisturizing layer and insulation materials density products.

At present the new fourth-generation electric water heater with advanced polyurethane foam technology, forming a layer of dense foam layer, and the insulation layer forming, to further reduce the heat loss. Polyurethane foam layer thickness of 4-6CM overall, in practice, unplug the power can be insulated up to 2-3 days.

Second, the capacity of choice

Capacity selection mainly consider the family entrance and hot water consumption and other factors. A rated capacity of 30-40 liters of electric water heaters, suitable for 3-4 people continuous bath use; 40-50 liters of water for 4-5 people continuous bath use; 70-90 liters of water for 5-6 people continuous bath use.

And many of the fourth generation of electric products using the capacity of the technology, the overall amount of hot water equivalent to 4 times the volume! Such as the United States of the e + capacity technology, by the intelligent sensor system induction sensor temperature changes in the liner, and through control The system to achieve the tank in the storage-type heating pipe and hot heat pipe alternately heated, and ultimately achieve the purpose of capacity and effect. Practice shows that the use of e + capacity technology to extend the bath time 10 minutes! Normal mode 60L hot water 184L, start e + capacity to increase the amount of hot water 235L, prolific hot water 50L. That is, if there is capacity technology, even if the capacity is low, can also be considered as appropriate

Third, additional features

1, the regulator temperature function. Water heater outlet at the increase of advanced magnetization thermostat, can solve the hot and cold water temperature phenomenon, and to avoid burn accident occurred.

2, the disk function. In the magnetizer inside the formation of magnetic field, improve water activity, the role of health care on the human body.

3, anti-corrosion cleaning function. As the water heater is usually 70-80 degrees in the water temperature state of work, cleaning function is particularly important.

Fourth, the brand choice

Consumers must examine the electric water heater brand and after-sales service level, brand-name products generally good quality, after-sales Ye Hao, and can enjoy the home installation, free machine and a series of services. Such as the beauty of the big brands, consumers should be the brand coordinates reference.

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