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Household Electric Water Heaters Use Safety Guidelines

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Household electric water heaters use safety guidelines

 Household electric water heaters bring a lot of convenience to people's bathing life, but due to people's lack of maintenance of home electric water heaters, safety maintenance knowledge, and sometimes there are unexpected circumstances, the following Xiao Bian take everyone to understand the next family The importance of safe use of electric water heaters.

    1, the family of indoor wiring should be reliably grounded, and the grounding resistance value shall not exceed 4Ω. Household outlets, whether single-phase or three-phase, must be grounded to the ground of the power supply, and the grounding of the outlet must not be left empty.

    2. The outlet for household electric water heaters should be a fixed-dedicated outlet with a ground wire. You cannot use a mobile power strip. The structure, capacity, and jack size of the socket should match that of the electric heater. The socket shall be placed above the horizontal position of the outlet of the electric water heater, to avoid the danger of being short circuited by water splashing.

    3. When using domestic electric water heaters, do not turn off the power supply through the switch on the socket, because the leakage protection plug cannot work after the power supply of the outlet is turned off, and it cannot provide protection in the event of a fault such as live charging.

    4. It is necessary to check the “test” button of the leakage protection plug every week to confirm that the leakage protection plug can work normally.

    5, maintenance Clean the outside of the domestic electric water heater, should first cut off the power, do not spray with water, you need to use a soft cloth to wipe.

    6. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, special power cords provided by the manufacturer must be used and replaced by professionals in the maintenance department or similar departments.

    7. The service life of domestic electric water heaters should not exceed 6 years. If they continue to be used for more than one year, there will be potential safety hazards and they need to be replaced in time.

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