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Classification Of Water Heaters

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Water heater: refers to a variety of physical principles, in a certain period of time to make cold water temperature into a hot water device. According to the principle can be divided into different electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters three. Home multi-purpose water heater as the name suggests is a set of a variety of functions in one of the new home appliances. Home multi-purpose water heater heating hot water at the same time, like air conditioning can be the same as the release of air conditioning to meet the kitchen cooling needs, and can be in the balcony, storage room, garage and other local space to achieve the role of dehumidification, to prevent the goods moldy or fast drying Clothing.

Water heater is a set of a variety of functions in one of the new home appliances. Home multi-purpose water heater heating hot water at the same time, like air-conditioning can be the same as the release of air-conditioning to meet the kitchen cooling needs, to prevent the goods mildew or fast drying clothes. With the continuous development of water heaters, water heaters have entered the fourth generation of water heaters (air to heat pump water heaters), is the most secure water heater, fully realized the separation of water and electricity, but also the most energy efficient, most environmentally friendly and most efficient water heater.

water heater

Storage water heater water storage capacity points are 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 80L, 90L, 100L and so on. Advantages: easy to install, easy to use, from natural gas floor pressure difference, more and more users preferred. Disadvantages: bulky, accounting for space, before bathing in advance to warm up, wait a long time, easy to scale, need a year to clean up once. Hot water is not limited, can be continuously hot water; small size, exquisite appearance; installation, easy to use; how much heat to be hot How much electricity the water, less energy consumption. Disadvantages: high power, need to reserve at least 4 square wires. The instantaneous electric water heater combines the advantages of both.

Gas water heater

Gas water heater advantages: high thermal efficiency, heating speed, temperature regulation and stability, can be used continuously, with a fixed number of consumers. Winter in the kitchen can be hot water at any time, convenient; water temperature is constant, the purchase cost is cheap. The use of 8 liters of the machine is enough; Disadvantages: users afraid of gas poisoning; now engage in forced exhaust water heater, the user can not adjust the water during the bath at any time, must enter the bathroom before the first tune the temperature; The price has been increasing; in order to discharge the exhaust gas also installed complex gas pipeline.

solar water heaters

Solar water heaters are vacuum water heaters assembled water heaters, light can produce hot water, can be widely used in household and industrial hot water. It is characterized by high heat collection efficiency (average daily efficiency ≥0.46), safe, clean, energy saving, good insulation performance, annual use, long service life and so on. Specifications are 12 branches, 15 branches, 18 branches, 21 branches, 24 branches and so on

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