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Buy Electric Faucet Mainly To See Three Aspects

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

First, the safety performance

Electric faucet safety issues, I believe that many of my friends are more concerned about. As the use of electric heating tap water heating, so many friends are more worried about whether the tap will be conductive, in fact, a lot of electric faucet products are to prevent leakage has a better security. Such as light porcelain technology, it is different from the ordinary electric heater, the experts test, even exposed to the water, do not return to the leakage, there are leakage protection plug applications, double protection.

In addition to see whether there is a "wall" configuration, "wall" refers to the use of water itself with the current resistance, through the hot water inside the water pipe material selection, pipe diameter and spacing The selection constitutes this barrier. If the hot water faucet connected to the power supply when the temperature of the water even if the power of the liner, and will be in the anti-wall when the water itself by the current resistance weakened to achieve the purpose of isolation of the current.

Second, the relevant configuration

1, the use of copper heating pipe or 304 stainless steel heating pipe as its heat core. Should be copper heating tube is characterized by fast thermal conductivity, copper in the excellent performance of non-ferrous metal thermal conductivity, and secondly, copper heating pipe in the manufacturing process is relatively cost savings in production costs, copper can be cold-formed, but copper will produce copper green, green is toxic , After all, copper ions are heavy metal ions. The 304 stainless steel is a food grade material, but because the manufacturing process is more complex, less business use.

2, the product must be configured high-density ceramic spool. Electric faucet products are different from ordinary faucet products, products in the frequent use of heating and switching equipment due to the reasons for the durability of the gasket, the product will cause water leakage or off the phenomenon of tight water, thus affecting the product life and the use of results. Therefore, the electric faucet products can not use the traditional rubber gasket as the main parts of the switch parts, to be used to wear more than 30-50 million times the high-density ceramic spool, thus ensuring the durability of the product.

3, the faucet nozzle must be used to automatically pressure relief nozzle. No use of automatic pressure relief nozzle of the electric faucet products, users will use the environment due to the impact of water pressure on the normal use of the product and life, and to the temperature and water regulation problems.

Third, brand qualification

For the electric faucet is already belong to the category of household appliances, so consumers at the time of purchase, be sure to understand the company has no national mandatory certification (3C certification), that is, as a national security certification (CCEE), import safety and quality licensing system (CCIB ), China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC) triple "CCC" authoritative certification.

In addition to the technical performance of the electric faucet to understand, in order to buy the appropriate electric faucet. We can also through the multi-channel to understand the brand's after-sales service, etc., so that we buy after the discovery of the problem, in order to get better service and security.

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