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Why does a water heater leak

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 22, 2018

Why does a water heater leak?


Leakage of water heaters is one of the most common failures of water heaters. Many water heaters are prone to leakage problems over time. So why does the water heater leak?

There are several main reasons:

1. Leakage at the outlet of the exhaust gas;

2. Water leaks at the excuses of the upper and lower water pipes and tanks;

3, mixed water valve damage;

4, the cause of the bladder;

5, leakage of safety valve;

6, electric water heater welding cracking and so on.

Among them, the leakage of the water heater caused by the internal bladder is the most common, and the maintenance is troublesome and the cost is not low. As the core of the electric water heater, the inner liner directly affects the use effect, safety performance and product life of the water heater. At present, there are mainly oxygen-free copper liners, stainless steel liners, and enamel liners on the market. Each of the three types of liners have their own advantages and disadvantages: stainless steel is not easily resistant to corrosion; enamel liner is not easy to rust, good insulation, long life; and oxygen-free copper liner is common in Europe and the United States, fast heat conduction, pressure resistance and corrosion.

At present, the domestic water heater liner material mainly stainless steel liner and enamel inner liner, in order to avoid corrosion problems in the liner, often with magnesium rod protection, instead of the liner is corroded.

In this regard, we recommend that consumers check magnesium rods every six months, because magnesium rods are the most important “good helper” for the protection of electric water heater liners, and magnesium rods will also have different degrees of corrosion for a long time and should be replaced in time. In addition, we also need to timely discharge sewage in order to extend the service life of water heaters.

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