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What is the difference between thermostatic taps and common taps?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 10, 2018

What is the difference between thermostatic taps and common taps?

Many people are using faucets. But how do you really know about faucets? Now, what is the difference between thermostatic faucets and common faucets?

Thermostatic faucet:

1. A key to set the temperature, easy operation, just one click can be set to the body's most comfortable bath water temperature 38 °, simple and convenient.

2 Instant warming, high efficiency and quickness, instantly reaching the set temperature, helping you to easily reduce water consumption and save energy.

3. Intelligent temperature control, comfort and stability, instantaneous sudden changes in water pressure, to ensure that the water temperature is constant, refused to turn cold and hot.

4. Limited temperature adjustment, safe and controllable, the bath temperature is locked between 38 ° -43 °, when the cold water supply problems, the thermostatic tap automatically shuts down, effectively preventing children from scrambling to increase the temperature and scald themselves.

5. Anti-hot lock temperature, safe and worry-free, inside the faucet using external cavity cold water "wrapped" inner cavity hot water, so that the cycle to ensure that the faucet surface temperature is lower than the shower water temperature, no longer have to worry about burning hot chrome-plated surface burns.

  Ordinary faucet:

1. Difficult to adjust the temperature, cumbersome operation, bathing, you need to rely on the skin touch the water temperature after many manual adjustments in order to achieve the required bath temperature.

2. Waiting time, water consumption, energy consumption, bath early, the leader must first discharge a large amount of cold water before they can reach the required bath temperature, wasting a lot of water resources.

3. Suddenly hot and cold, the water temperature changes, the water temperature is often hot and cold during the bath, brings an unpleasant shower experience.

4. High-temperature hidden trouble, safety is difficult to control, when the cold water supplied during bathing is suddenly interrupted, it is easy to cause a scald accident because the outlet water temperature is too high.

5. The surface is hot and the safety becomes a worry. The temperature of the chrome plating surface of the faucet is higher than the bathing temperature, and it easily occurs when the hand accidentally touches the surface of the faucet and is burned.

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