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What is the difference between instant hot water heaters and instant hot water heaters?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 11, 2018

What is the difference between instant hot water heaters and instant hot water heaters?

Modern people bath or shower almost every day, especially in hot summers, relying more on water heaters. Friends who use electric water heaters know that even if they take a shower every day, electric water heaters often open and keep warm. They also consume electricity. If the electricity is heated in advance for each use, regardless of the amount of hot water or the heating rate, the user’s applicability is greatly reduced. .

From storage-type electric water heaters to instant-type electric water heaters, and now to the mainstream of the rapid-fired electric water heaters, the development of the entire electric water heater has gone through three stages: water storage electric water heaters are the first generation of electric water heaters, universal heating Slow speed, limited hot water and other issues. The storage-type electric water heater needs a large-capacity inner tank to store water, and the water in the inner tank is heated to a suitable temperature before use. If the bathing time is longer, the electric water heater will continue to be consumed with the hot water in the tank. Heating, but heating speed is difficult to supply the consumption of hot water.

In order to solve the problem of slow heating rate, the second generation of electric water heaters - instant electric water heaters began to enter the market, due to the use of more than 7000W-10000W power (usually the power of water storage electric water heaters below 3000W), that is, thermal power Water heaters can be used as instant-on effects like gas water heaters, and for people with a high pace of life, there is no doubt more time-saving.

However, the power of instant electric water heaters is too large, and it is difficult for the average family circuit to bear more than 7000W power. In addition, many people have concerns about the safety of high-power electrical appliances. So far, the market share of instant-type electric water heaters is still unable to Compared with traditional electric water heaters. Due to the harsh conditions of installation and use of instant electric water heaters, the third generation of quick-heating electric water heaters has gradually been accepted by people.

Since the instant-type electric water heater can achieve instantaneous heating effect, unlike the storage-type electric water heater, the inner container is not required. Without the inner container, the appearance of the product is more compact and adds a lot of fashion elements. In addition, there is no need for a long time of preheating and heat preservation like a storage-type electric water heater, and a hot-water heater is more energy-efficient. Without the water tank, the interior of the hot water heater is kept at a constant level and it is not easy to deposit scale and have a longer service life.

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