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What are the details of the use of electric water heaters?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Home appliances electric water heater should pay attention to what the details?

Home installation and use of electric water heaters should be careful, after all, the existence of security risks may be small or small. Electric water heater installation seems simple and real complex, need to consider a lot of factors:

For example, the installation of the wall must be a solid brick or concrete wall, if the wall is not loadable or load-bearing walls and other decorative materials such as tiles, you need to take special measures to deal with or use the bracket to install; Power lines, water pipes, etc., when the location, the depth is unknown, you must use a professional instrument for pre-detection, positioning to determine the installation location; electric water heater inlet pipe, outlet pipe, valve, water switch valve connection, in addition to pipeline requirements Tight, but also consider the hot water insulation, pipeline length, route path, and the appearance of neat, water and other grounding.

Also, the installation of the location should be able to make the full performance of the heater to facilitate future maintenance and maintenance.

Therefore, the installation of electric water heater, you must ask the professional staff. When the installation staff came to the door, the user to see whether the installation staff have the appropriate professional qualifications, or the corresponding enterprise identified the job logo, but also to listen to and respect the installation staff comments or suggestions in order to install the electric water heater technical conditions to be due Guarantee.

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