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welfare! welfare! Share how to pick a home tap! !

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 23, 2018

welfare! welfare! Share how to pick a home tap! !

Indispensable in home improvement is the faucet, do not look at it inconspicuous, the role is still great! The following focuses on how to pick a household tap. First determine the following aspects:

Bathroom Faucet Quality Discrimination Guide

Spool: This is the heart of the faucet. Now the hot and cold faucets are made of ceramic spools. The best quality of the spool is the Spanish track, the Taiwanese Kangqin, and the name of Zhuhai.

However, the valve plug is invisible at the time of purchase, so the market is mixed with plastic, iron and so on. Even ceramics are good or bad. Therefore, you must understand clearly when choosing. This is directly related to the service life of the faucet.

Material: High-quality brass used as a good faucet is the main material. Home-installed faucets are the parts that are in direct contact with water sources and directly affect water hygiene. Brass is the most suitable metal material, which has anti-corrosion, non-toxic and sterilizing effects. Note that high-quality brass does not mean that it is brass material. (Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. If only brass made of copper or zinc is called ordinary brass.

If it is made of more than two kinds of elements of a variety of alloys is called special brass, special brass is also called special brass, it has high strength, hardness, chemical resistance and strong. The quality brass we are talking about producing faucets is one of the specialty brass. Has a strict metal ratio. )

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