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Water heater should be used up?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Electric water heater is through the thermostat through and off to complete the heating and not heating. After the circuit is connected, if the water temperature is below 50 ℃ (most brands set the critical temperature), the thermostat automatically connected, the water heater began to heat, the water temperature reaches the preset temperature of the water heater (most brands are 75 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ ), The thermostat is disconnected and the water heater stops heating.

The so-called insulation, is entirely by the water heater insulation layer to complete, with the water temperature from time to time landing, until below 50 ℃, the water heater began to heat again. When the insulation light is on, the water heater is not power, close to the theoretical zero power, zero power consumption. When heating, the water heater uses the rated power. Water heater when the uniform power consumption is roughly the value, even without a drop of hot water, the water heater only "insulation" power consumption in about 2 degrees / 24 hours.

Two: that in the end run out of the water heater to turn off the switch?

Most people have to be aware of the electric water heater with the release will be more power, but this is a misunderstanding, in fact, power off, but in front of the consumption of energy consumption, the remaining hot water temperature in the barrel is declining, Energy in the release, re-open to re-use electric heating, and has been driving is not much difference, the most important thing is to use the comfort is greatly reduced, and always want to take a bath but also more trouble. But for more than three months or long-term use of electric water heater family, remember to turn off the power, and the tank of water drain.

Three: water heater power consumption calculation

The electricity consumption is calculated by the temperature of the influent and the water consumption of the bath. Under normal circumstances, we will not be more than once a bath, the indoor temperature will also affect the level of power consumption. General electric water heater daily electricity consumption in the summer between 2-3 degrees, between 3-5 degrees in winter. If the frequency is not high, just take a bath with hot water, summer general heating about 15 minutes to meet the requirements of the bath, so use the most power, power consumption of about 0.4 degrees.

Four: electric water heater energy saving tips

1. When the electric water heater when the off

Every day the kitchen, the bathroom should use water heaters, Xiao Bian suggested that we do not cut off the power; if the general 3 to 5 days or longer to use once, it is recommended to use or shut down will be more power.

2. The pursuit of large capacity is not worthwhile

Do not blindly pursue large capacity, according to the number of families and water habits to choose their own home water heater capacity, in fact, the greater the capacity of more power.

3. Water heater set the temperature not too high

According to their own water habits, in the open water heater when the water temperature should not be too high, the summer can be 42 degrees, the winter can be 46 degrees.

4. Regular cleaning

Electric water heater in the use of a period of time, the scale easily gathered in the heating tube, a serious impact on heating efficiency, energy consumption, so the general electric water heater are required to regular maintenance of the heating pipe. In addition, the electric water heater liner should be cleaned once every six months, the cleaning method is to first cut off the power, close the inlet valve, and then open the water valve, the safety valve on the drainage switch counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees, natural water heater water Precipitate. And then rinse with tap water. Cleaning is completed, and then restore the drainage switch in situ, filled with water before power.

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