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Water heater is not clean

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 02, 2018

Water heater is not clean.

Take care when taking a bath.

After the beginning of summer, the temperature continued to climb and a little sweated during an activity. It was a good thing to have a comfortable hot bath. But unhealthy bath water can lead to the appearance of skin disease. Did you know this? We went to consult with Wang Shoubin, director of the Jinan China Research Institute of dermatology, to see how he said.

Take a hot bath

Who would like to find a skin disease

“Director Wang, you can help you see how red itching is on my back and arms.” Miss Henan Henan, who came to Jinan on a business trip, came to Jinan Institute of Dermatology Hospital early in the morning to seek help from Director Wang Shoubin. It turned out that because the train was late and Miss Sun had arrived late in Jinan yesterday, she found a small hotel near the train station.

Although the health conditions of small hotels are generally good, but the most eager after a day's fatigue is to quickly take a bath and sleep, Miss Sun hurriedly took a hot shower and fell asleep. She did not expect the skin to be itching and impatience the next morning. Problems wake up. In the friend's recommendation, quickly came to Jinan Institute of Dermatology Hospital to ask the experts what is going on.

Root-seeking source

Jinan Zhongyan experts find out the pathogenicity

After careful inspection and detailed consultation, Director Wang Shoubin of Jinan Institute of Dermatology and Diseases determined that Miss Sun is a symptom of skin allergies, and it is most likely caused by unclean water heaters in the bath.

In an interview with reporters, Director Wang Shoubin of Jinan Zhongyan Dermatology Hospital said that the water heater scale contains a variety of chemical components, and the heavy metal element in the scale, chlorine, is the chief culprit in skin diseases. Jinan Zhongyan Wang Shoubin, director reminded: home storage-type water heaters need to be thoroughly cleaned once every two years or so, once the skin is red and itchy, do not use hands to harass, not to use allergy drugs, as soon as possible to the regular professional hospital treatment, a clear cause , and symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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