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Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 03, 2018

An electric water heater is a water heater that uses electricity as its energy source. It is one of the three water heaters that juxtaposes with gas water heaters and solar water heaters. According to the heating power, electric water heaters can be divided into storage type (also known as volumetric or heat storage type), that is, heat type, quick heat type (also known as half water storage type).

Although the ordinary quick-fired electric water heaters and dual-mode electric water heaters have the same volume, their internal structures are very different. The quick-heating electric water heaters and the storage-type electric water heaters are smaller than the electric water heaters and have higher power. Therefore, the heating rate is actually higher than that of conventional electric water heaters. Water storage type electric water heater is faster, but it can not reach the heat in the spring and autumn, but also warm up, that is, need to wait, while the dual-mode electric water heater can be used in the spring, summer, and autumn three seasons, the instant heat mode, that is Ie hot.

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