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Wash basin faucet cleaning and maintenance

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Wash basin faucet cleaning and maintenance

The faucets are used in every product, but the most used ones are the basin faucets. Every day, you need to use your face to wash your hands. Here we will introduce the cleaning and maintenance of the basin faucets.

Wash basin faucet:

   1, cleaning can use mild detergent (such as dish detergent) to wash, do not use ammonia, acid or bleach or use abrasive cleaner.

   2, rinse and ensure the entire surface is dry

   3, the metal surface treatment of the material should be cleaned using the original lotion.


   Wash basin faucet

   1, please have experienced and qualified professionals to install

   2, Kuan Jin is not necessarily closed very tight, close too tight will cause damage to the sealing valve, leading to lax.

   3, should avoid letting water on the surface of the metal itself. Otherwise, the water will leave marks on the metal after evaporation.

   4. The water on the metal surface should be wiped away instead of being wiped.

   5, use a sponge to clean, then wipe dry with a cloth before they can maintain the appearance of the product.

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