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Unique design of thermostatic basin mixer, your best choice!

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 29, 2018

Unique design of thermostatic basin mixer, your best choice!

What benefits does this constant temperature basin mixer have for our lives? Why should we choose a thermostatic basin mixer?

  Convenient high temperature, common faucet will not be difficult to adjust temperature in use, as long as the external water pressure changes slightly will follow the change, torture is not; and thermostatic faucet as long as there is no change in water pressure after adjusting the temperature of hot water, you There will not be any feeling that the water temperature is changing during use. Does this change to torture?


  Security anti-hot; ordinary tap will not be adjusted because of water temperature is not careful who was hot, but bad luck in the day is the use of cold water suddenly cut off the water. Of course, young people can be flashing. Imagine if they are old people or children. . . . . Do not dare to think again. The thermostatic faucet is equipped with safety measures. The temperature control handle is equipped with a 38-degree safety twist. If it exceeds 38 degrees, it must be pressed or it will not pass. If any one of the thermostatic faucets is used in the process, it will cut off all the water within two seconds. . Is it safer and more comfortable?


  From today’s social state, clamoring to create a conservation-oriented society, it may take ten minutes for ordinary leaders to adjust an ideal temperature, but the temperature can be changed in a few seconds. This is not a ton of water for a bath; the thermostatic faucet is Otherwise, as long as you have hot water, you will give you several degrees for a few degrees. This is not more water saving.

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