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Touch single cold hand washing faucet is good

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Touch single cold hand washing faucet is good

Generally, in public places, such as parks, such as high-speed service areas, the faucets used for hand washing in the toilets where there are a lot of people can be divided into several types: ordinary quick-opening faucets, induction faucets, and time-delay self-closing faucets. Now, Judi Sanitary Ware introduces a new hand-washing faucet: touch single cold faucet. So is this touch-type single cold hand washing faucet good?

What are you most worried about when using faucets in public places? Cross infection of bacteria. So many people use the same faucet, bacterial infection will be easier, everyone will touch the handle of the faucet. This touch-type faucet is controlled by the switch of the water outlet. Each time the switch will be washed away with water, it can also realize self-closing delay. After opening, it will automatically close, just like the delay self-closing faucet. The main thing is to save water. When using a large amount, it can save up to 48% of water, is it very energy-saving and environmentally friendly!

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