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Three point high quality faucet

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Three point high quality faucet

    In the current mixed market, it is difficult for us to distinguish what kind of faucet is good, and which faucet manufacturer has the quality guarantee. Often it is the introduction of a salesman or the faucet that is purchased at random, and there is no way to identify whether it is a good faucet. In the end, the faucet was broken or smelled.

    After eating a long shot of wisdom, they no longer dare to purchase at will. Later, after a friend's introduction, he bought a Jai's faucet. The service attitude was good, and people had to praise him. Jayel is a professional faucet manufacturer. There are many faucet investment agencies all over the country and have to admit it. Yier did a good job in the faucet industry. It also teaches you how to identify the faucets, and finds that there are still many tips. To share with you today, it's better to identify the faucets.

    First, appearance

    At the time of selection, there were no bubbles, no defects, and no scratches as the eligibility criteria. Ordinary taps have only 10 or more microns of plating, the purpose is to prevent rust, aesthetics, and ensure the use of life. Some experts have revealed that when selecting a finger, the surface of the faucet is pressed with a finger, and the fingerprint quickly disperses, indicating that the coating is good; the fingerprint is more printed and the flower is worse. After the appearance is selected, we must also try out the feel of the faucet, whether the switch is smooth, and whether the switch is large or small, can adjust the water temperature stably. Generally, the temperature is up to 30 degrees, and the right and left reach 90 degrees. However, one thing to note is that light weight does not represent good feeling.

    Second, style

    At present, the faucets on the market are generally divided into two styles, namely, single-handle faucets and double-handle faucets. The single-handle faucet uses only one hole, and the double-handle can also be divided into four-inch holes and eight-inch holes. This can be based on the purchase of Taiwan The style of the basin may vary.

    Basin faucets and kitchen faucets are generally mounted on countertops, so its inlet pipe can be of two types, rigid pipes and hoses. The length is generally about 35 centimeters. To facilitate connection, the connection between the home pipe and the faucet inlet pipe must be installed. A kind of valve, this kind of valve is called as the triangle valve, do not forget to match together while buying the faucet, otherwise will need to run once again, and the triangular valve has different size, should according to the faucet that you buy into Depending on the size of the water pipe, there are generally 3 points and 4 points. Another thing to note is that when installing the delta valve, do not install it too low to avoid the faucet's water inlet pipe not being long enough to be connected and causing unnecessary troubles. Generally, the delta valve is installed about 50 to 60 centimeters from the ground.

Then there is the point of not buying the leader, forgetting to check out the zero allocation, or it will be even more troublesome to get it back. The accessories for general basin faucets include water heaters, lifting rods and faucet fixing bolts, and fixed copper sheets and gaskets; bathtub faucets also have standard accessories such as shower heads, two water inlet hoses, and brackets. Mixing faucets produced by regular enterprises are installed with dimension drawings and instruction manuals at the factory, and care should be taken when selecting them. Imported products must be more careful.

    Third, the material

    After the style is selected, we must understand the production materials of the faucet. Currently, most of the types of built-in valve cores in the faucets on the market use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valves have become strong and durable steel balls and their tenacious anti-pressure capabilities have become The disadvantage of the new generation of valve cores is that the rubber rings from the sealing function are easy to wear out and will soon age. The ceramic valve itself has a good sealing performance, and the use of ceramic valve core faucet feel more comfortable and smooth. The faucet is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to acids and alkalis and does not release harmful substances.

    Through these three aspects, you can quickly determine whether a faucet is good or not, whether the faucet manufacturer is reliable, or whether it can meet the needs of entrepreneurship, and do a faucet agent to join.

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