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Thermostatic shower faucet also has a university ask

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Thermostatic shower faucet also has a university ask

Where people in the bathroom relax, everyone wants a comfortable, personalized bathroom space. As winter approaches, having a stylish, warm thermostatic faucet is a favorite of every city man. Xiao Bian recommends a thermostatic shower faucet for everyone. In the hot summer, it brings a touch of pleasure to your bathing life.

The thermostatic faucet can automatically adjust the water pressure of the cold water and hot water in a very short period of time through the thermostatic valve plug that comes with the faucet to maintain the stability of the outlet water temperature and eliminate the need for manual adjustment. Its core is a ceramic temperature-regulating valve core. The user's left and right swing handles can adjust the temperature of the mixed water, and turning the handle up and down can adjust the amount of water. Recommended inlet water pressure requirement for general thermostatic faucet: 0.05MPA-0.59MPA, inlet water temperature requirement: The inlet water temperature of hot water should be kept above the set temperature by more than 7 degrees, and it is better to continue to supply the temperature continuously. 55 degrees hot water.

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