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The water flowing from the faucet is a normal physical phenomenon of milk white

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 18, 2018

The water flowing from the faucet is a normal physical phenomenon of milk white

The tap water that comes out is as white as milk and slowly becomes clear after a while. Yesterday, some people sent microblogs to take pictures of the process of water changes. Subsequently, this phenomenon caused the public to speculate that some people even suspected water quality problems.

Yesterday at 10 o'clock in the morning, a netizen at a company in Xinyuan Road, Xinglin, just received a glass of water from the company's water pipe, and found that the water in the glass was white, very surprised, and immediately sent a micro-blog: "This cup The water is not clear, like milk, white, and after standing for several tens of seconds, the milky tap water slowly becomes clear, and it is exactly the same as normal water.” This doubtful netizen, then this change

The process is photographed in real time and uploaded to Weibo. Afterwards, after the news bloggers in Xiamen forwarded this phenomenon, many people were worried and speculated. Is it really a question of water quality? Is it bad for the body to drink? In this regard, the technical staff of the Water Group conducted an on-site inspection yesterday. The final test results are: There is no problem with water quality, and there is no abnormality. The technical staff of the Water Group reported that in the past, there was no milky white phenomenon, the tap water was clear, and the water quality was in line with the standard. For the public to reflect, the technical staff said that this phenomenon occurred in real time, but only a simple and normal physical phenomenon. “Because the air in the water pipe enters the air, a small amount of air in the pipe will dissolve into the water and cause white turbidity under the pressure of the water.” The technician explained that after standing in the water, bubbles will be observed. , increase, and slowly rise, until it gradually disappears, the water will become clear and return to normal. Therefore, it is not a problem of water quality, and it has no adverse effects on the human body.

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