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The history of thermostatic taps

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 26, 2018

The history of thermostatic taps

The earliest hot and cold water mixing faucet is a double-knob faucet. The user needs to turn the knobs for controlling the cold and hot water to adjust the influent volume of hot and cold water, so as to be mixed into warm water of the required temperature; the second-generation hot and cold water mixing faucet is Single-handle faucet, its core is a ceramic valve thermostat valve, the user can swing the handle to adjust the temperature of the mixing water, swing the handle to adjust the amount of water. However, when the water pressure of hot or cold water suddenly changes, or when the temperature of hot water suddenly changes, the above two types of mixing faucets must be manually adjusted to re-adjust the water temperature. Now that we have the appearance of a thermostatic faucet, we no longer have to worry about the flickering water.

The thermostatic faucet can automatically adjust the water pressure of the cold water and hot water in a very short period of time through the thermostatic valve plug that comes with the faucet, so as to maintain the stability of the outlet water temperature, and no manual adjustment is needed at all. Because the thermostatic valve core is a very precise device, no matter which type of valve core thermostatic faucet shell is used, the inner processing must also be very precise. The tolerance of all internal processing dimensions should be limited to within ±0.1mm. The tolerance of important dimensions must be Control within ±0.05mm.


  Recommended inlet water pressure requirement for general thermostatic faucet: 0.05MPA-0.59MPA, inlet water temperature requirement: The inlet water temperature of hot water should be kept above the set temperature by more than 7 degrees, and it is better to continue to supply the temperature continuously. 55 degrees hot water.


  Thermostatic faucets are suitable for shower facilities in homes, hotels, public baths, and barber shops where water pressure changes frequently.

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