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The benefits of concealed faucets

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 27, 2018

The benefits of concealed faucets

At present, household faucets, especially bathroom faucets, are generally equipped with concealed faucets. Obscure valves refer to the laying of a number of water pipelines that are buried in the walls and concealed. Before concealed installation, it was mostly used in hotel projects, but as more and more attention was paid to home decoration, more and more home renovations were also used in concealed installations.

Benefits of concealed products: The main body of the faucet and the pipe are buried in the wall. The advantage of this is that the bathroom can be customized to produce water, the bathroom looks more concise, but also easy to clean and hygienic. For example, many people's home hygiene structure is more complex and can not be installed. Large showers are installed but you want to enjoy the function of a large shower. The flexibility and freedom of concealed products are high. Shower faucets and basin mixers can be concealed.


  Obscure valve technology is now very mature. There are more than a dozen types of valve bodies, and they can provide a variety of large flow water solutions. Most of the valve body is made of high-pressure forging, which is integrally formed and the wall thickness is enough to achieve simple and quick installation. All the valve body can be equipped with the same type of panel, with up to hundreds of rain showers, hand showers, showers and other concealed accessories, truly personalized customization and random match.

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