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Speed hot water heater marketing how to enter the community?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 09, 2018

Speed hot water heater marketing how to enter the community?

In recent years, the fast-burning electric water heater market is filled with smoke and the consumer groups are continuously subdivided. The fast-fired electric water heater companies want to establish close relationships and effective communication with consumers and may enter the community as consumers. Life and entertainment platforms may receive unexpected surprises.

Community activities are the basic form of community marketing. Community activities refer to the implementation of a series of marketing activities by distributors of quick-fired electric water heaters in the communities targeted by the target consumer groups referred to above, in order to achieve effective communication with consumers and achieve sales growth and sustainable development of consumer values. . Community activity is a brand propaganda method in which dealers achieve close contact with products and consumers. Its propaganda features are targeted, accurate, and in-depth; referring to product display, interactive games, on-site purchases, etc. Intuitive, vivid and efficient way to achieve brand communication to consumers.

Conduct a detailed investigation of the communities where the community activities are to be organized and create archives. Because in-depth investigation of small areas is the first step in the development of "community activities", it is also a prerequisite for good community activities. For example, in the course of the survey, employees are required to learn more about the community's population size, consumption level, age structure, and residents' schedules.

Then again, because real estate developers are now designing their market segments based on income, age, and education dimensions, they have a very accurate customer orientation, and they surround specific consumer groups with personalized real estate. As a result, the current community residents are mostly subordinate to a specific related group. The community has a strong subculture atmosphere, especially in a personalized, conceptual modern community. This culture has a profound impact on the residents' consumption behavior. Therefore, different levels of products and different forms of activities are promoted for different communities. Investigating the schedules of community residents, such as the general community residents going out early and going home late, daytime at home mainly based on old age, and they are less concerned about advertising, evening and weekend are the most concentrated and idle time for community residents, these factors determine To achieve the effect of campaign promotion and maximize the target consumer group, the activity time must be selected at night or on weekends.

For the rapid-fired electric water heater marketing, community activities can increase the popularity and reputation of the products it sells; cultivate sensed people and consolidate loyal consumers; take advantage of the opportunity to promote and sell products and directly increase sales; promote end-users The development will drive the sales of terminals and encourage the enthusiasm of sales personnel in all channels. For fast-fired electric water heater distributors, community marketing is a marketing model that meets the competition and development needs of the market for quick-heating electric water heaters, and is suitable for the market competition status of quick-heating electric water heaters. It can quickly improve the dealers of fast-water heaters. Sales level and competitiveness.

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