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Solution for hot water out of hot water before using hot water

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Solution for hot water out of hot water before using hot water


In winter, I need to use a water heater, but often the tap water is not hot water when it is used, but it needs to wait for a while before the hot water will come out slowly. This has caused our great waste of water resources and wasted time. Here we introduce how to solve this problem?

    1. Install water-saving electric kitchen treasures under wash basins and sinks, use hand-washing and vegetable-washing kitchen treasures, and bathe still use current gas-fired water heaters. The problem with this solution is that although bathing times are not as frequent as washing hands, It is still necessary to put cold water in the bath for a long time, and at the same time, the power outlet is only installed under the sink. Therefore, when installing the kitchen treasure under the wash basin, you need to take the power line on the wall, which is not beautiful. You must choose this plan in advance. The socket is set under the sink when the hydropower is changed. The

    2. Install a hot water circulator at the position of the balcony gas water heater. Through the circulation system, the cold water in the hot water line can be pressed into the cold water pipe, so that once the water tap is opened, the hot water can be discharged immediately. The cycle (charged gas) can be cycled through the temperature control, and it can be used to solve the defects of the first two types of hot water circulation systems through a timed cycle (such as setting the cycle after waking up in the morning or cycling before going to bed at night).

    3. Water storage type electric water heaters are installed in the bathroom, but since many of the walls of the bathroom are not load-bearing walls, it is generally impossible to mount wall-mounted electric water heaters, and only seated water heaters that can be placed under wash basins can be installed.

Some netizens choose to buy booster pumps to make this change. There are no regular or fixed temperatures, but many remote control or remote-controlled switches must be installed. This is time-consuming and laborious. Currently, there are mature products on the market that can help everyone solve this problem. .

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