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Solar energy, electricity, gas water heater which is good?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Old gas water heater is broken, intended to replace recently, I heard that electric water heaters and solar water heaters are very environmentally friendly, but the specific choice is still a problem. Solar energy, electricity, gas three kinds of water heaters which is more suitable for home use?

Currently on the market of water heaters can be divided into three major "martial art": gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters. Electric water heater to Ariston, Smith, Haier, the United States, than the odd, Shuaikang and other brands. Solar water heater industry for the emerging industry, Huang Ming, Tsinghua sunshine and other brands are more well-known. As the start earlier, gas water heater is the largest holding water heater, but the current market sales situation, the largest share of electric water heaters, accounting for about 70% of the market.

Solar water heater without gas without electricity, the most energy-saving, the highest safety factor, from the use of speaking, is the most economical water heater. However, the biggest shortcomings of solar water heaters is affected by the external environment, such as: directly by day and night, season, climate, geographical environment, geographical location, can not be used around the clock. At present, the use of solar water heaters in Zhongshan City is not common, mainly because high-rise residential is not suitable for installation. In addition, there are some areas for the overall appearance, prohibit users to install solar water heaters. If you live in areas where the sun is more abundant throughout the year, and the housing lighting conditions (live cottage, or live high-rise buildings) users can use solar water heaters, or improved (with electric water heater) solar water heater.

Now the electric water heater can be divided into water storage type water heater and fast electric water heater, clean energy is its main features, but the use of heating takes half an hour. Water storage type electric water heater many high, medium and low water temperature optional, with a water and electricity isolation, anti-dry, anti-leakage device. Water storage water heater is the key lies in its liner, experts unanimously recommended Kim Kyu liner, because it is particularly anti-corrosion anti-corrosion, the water heater life of more than 30 years. The fast electric water heater combines the advantages of gas water heater and water storage water heater, clean energy and hot water quickly, small size, easy installation. Fast electric water heaters on the home power capacity requirements are higher, the basic requirements of the wire in the 4-10 square mm copper core line, and water storage type electric water heater need to heat a pot of water for half an hour. Experts recommend that the general three-family choice of 60 liters of water storage type electric water heater is enough, and four families have to choose 80 liters of products.

Gas water heater not only hot water fast, constant water temperature, the purchase cost is also the cheapest, the average family can use the 8 liters. But the shortcomings of gas water heater is the use of the process will be due to inadequate combustion of toxic gases, resulting in security incidents; because of its high starting pressure, some high-level users do not install the booster pump can not start; Wall holes, arrange air fans and so on.

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