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Simple and practical shower faucet, easy to use and inexpensive

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 10, 2018

Simple and practical shower faucet, easy to use and inexpensive

The house of the friend’s house was just renovated. I visited it a few days ago. I did not expect to meet the couple and quarrel. It turned out that they had disagreement over the purchase of the bathroom faucet. One wants to install a bathtub, and the other wants to simply install a shower faucet. Then what kind of faucet should be used in bathroom renovation?


The first thing to consider is the size of the bathroom. If not, do not install a bathtub. Usually the bathroom is also filled with toilets. If the space is small, the bathtub will look very crowded.


Second, consider the practicality and quality of taps. Bathing faucets are different from other faucets. They are used many times and often require switching between hot and cold water, so the quality must be excellent. Some people like to wash their hair when bathing, so it is necessary to have a hand shower. This shower column faucet uses a full copper body, ceramic valve core, heat resistance, an average life of up to 300,000 times. Equipped with a hand shower and top-fitting, the utility model has strong practicality and can definitely give consumers different bathing enjoyment.

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