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Several common thermostatic faucets do not have water problems

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Several common thermostatic faucets do not have water problems

No hot water after installation:

At this time, you can check if the left hot right cold water supply can not be installed and the hot and cold water supply

Anti-hot function, when there is no cold water or cold water suddenly cut off when the faucet will automatically shut down, this is anti-hot function thermostatic faucet with a constant safety temperature, turn off the cold water automatically shuts off anti-scald, to solve the ordinary shower water heater, water supply pipe, public Heating systems, hot and cold water pressure imbalances and other causes of hot and cold problems and other superior performance.

Below we introduce several common problems:

1. Dripping at any of the faucet's interfaces. Tighten or slightly wrap the tape around the threads with a tool at the interface.

2. The water temperature of the electric water and thermostatic faucet is too low; this is mainly because the electric water heater is generally set at about 50°C at the factory, so the hot water passing through the thermostatic faucet is on the low side. Treatment: Reset the hot water temperature of the electric water heater, preferably set at about 60°C.

3, 38 °C above the water is not hot, check the temperature of the hot water has not reached more than 55 °C, check the hot water pressure is low (flat and top floor users will have this situation), processing: increase the temperature of hot water , adjust the pressure of cold water.

4, the water suddenly hot and cold; this happens, need to see whether the water is continuous or intermittent. If it is continuous, reduce the pressure of cold or hot water. If it is intermittent, check whether the temperature of hot water is too high. If the temperature of hot water is too high, adjust the handle of the thermostatic valve and adjust the handle to the low temperature direction. Adjust the temperature to 34-36°C. If it still cannot be solved, replace the valve plug.

5. Cold water flows to hot water or hot water flows to cold water. Check the check valve for cold water or hot water to see if there is any foreign matter to support or block it. Just use a screwdriver to push it slightly and put some water on it. If this does not solve the problem, the check valve needs to be replaced.

6, no hot water: no more than 38 °C hot water, there is no water into the valve body, water intake blocked or residual cold water in the pipeline, treatment: Washing clothing filter gasket or emptying hot water inside the cold water pipe. Above 38°C, the effluent is not hot. Check whether the temperature of the hot water reaches above 55°C. Check whether the pressure of the hot water is low (this is the case for users in the bungalow and the top floor). Treatment: Increase the temperature of the hot water and adjust Cold water pressure.

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