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Selection of semi - instantaneous water heater

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Semi-hot water heater selection requirements?

1, semi-hot water heater and heating coil models, specifications should be based on steam pressure, high temperature water temperature, hot water design flow and inlet and outlet temperature and other factors according to Appendix, A and Appendix B to determine.

2, hot water supply system of hot water design flow should be consistent with the existing "building water supply and drainage design specifications" requirement.

3, when the water law of buildings in line with the characteristics of water in developed countries, the hot water design flow should be according to Appendix C according to the method of equipment to determine.

4, semi-hot water heater to calculate the heating area, the heat transfer coefficient can be 1400, ~ 3400 dry card / square meter · hour · ℃ use.

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