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Professionals teach you how to choose a bathroom basin mixer

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Professionals teach you how to choose a bathroom basin mixer

The bathroom faucet in life plays an important role in our daily use. Whether it is used for daily grooming, cleansing, or beauty dressing, a good bathroom faucet can not only make our daily life better and more efficient, but also allow us to enjoy the pleasure brought by our bathroom products. So choosing a bathroom basin faucet is also a key.

A: Color selection: The faucets currently on the market are most common with stainless steel chrome plating, and there are also some uncommonly colorful faucets such as bronze and gold. Stainless steel chrome plating is generally based on simple style, bronze is generally the main Chinese style, the golden leader with a European style, supporting the entire decoration of extravagance.


Second: Modeling options: Faucet handles and outlets are available in a variety of styles, mostly streamlined, with a variety of straight or curved faucet shapes that can be paired with minimalist style finishes. If you choose a wall-mounted faucet, be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before the faucet is embedded. If the wall is too thin, the valve plug cannot be embedded.

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