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Pay attention to taps and use taps

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Pay attention to taps and use taps

Faucets, a ubiquitous little tap in life, many people will not pay special attention to it, but its hidden dangers are also great, once the quality problems will cause much damage? Water flooded Jinshan, plumbing shocking flower shadow; lead in virtually harm our health, now, we must not think about to care about the harm brought by a small leader, began to pay attention to the faucet, how to buy a good tap?

The main points to use for a healthy tap are:

The standard for taps is light, bubble-free, flawless, and scratch-free. Faucet manufacturers revealed that the finger can be tapped on the surface of the faucet when selected. If the fingerprint is quickly dispersed, it indicates that the coating is good; the fingerprint is more printed and the flower is worse. After selecting the appearance of the faucet, you should also try the faucet's feel, whether the switch is smooth and the switch of the faucet will be very smooth.

Many people are used to deliberately turning some of the taps off after using the faucet. In fact, this is not desirable. Faucet manufacturers have analyzed that this will not only prevent leaks, but will cause damage to the sealing valve, leading to lax faucets.

It may be true for many people. Faucets don't change their faucets if they are not bad. Actually, faucets can easily hide dirt in long-term use of China, corroding rust and producing heavy metals, which are harmful to human health. The faucets are all of useful life, and it is recommended that the faucet manufacturers set a better time for the faucets.

Water that stays in the faucet for a long period of time can cause the lead protective film to fall off, and the lead element is dissolved in water and precipitated. In addition, the traditional faucets and pipes tend to rust and pollute the water. Therefore, when you get up early, you need to drain the yellow water from the pipes. Stainless steel taps are relatively healthy, but prices will be higher.

Nowadays we are all advocating saving energy and saving water resources. These can also be started from the faucet. The flow of the faucet is standard. If the flow is too small, it is not conducive to saving water. The amount of water used is equal to the flow rate multiplied by the water time. If the flow rate is too small, it will be a waste of time. It may take a long time to wait for water, and this will not achieve the effect of saving water. If the flow rate is too small, the faucet valve will have problems. The slag quality may be blocked in the faucet and should be promptly cleaned or replaced. So this requires tap manufacturers to design the flow standards for each faucet.

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