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Now choose what kind of water heater the most energy efficient

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Currently on the market mainly electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters three. Electric water heater with electric water heater and water storage type electric water heater two.

Instant hot water heater (saving small and longevity)


Here is the hot that is fast-type electric water heater, not installed in the tap on the kind of electrode type. Here is the development in recent years

Patented products or products with high technical content. They first solve the people most worried about the security issues. Generally have water and electricity isolation, leakage protection,

Grounding protection and other measures, and some products also have water control doors, sound and light alarm, patented circuit, magnetization scale, over-temperature power, high pressure discharge, electronic control, temperature display, power sub-file or even adjustable Function, it can be said in the security, foolproof; in the facilities, has done a perfect.

First, save time

That is, hot water heater from the boot to the heating time only takes about 2-3 seconds, basically do that is hot. Really water door open, hot water is coming, fast and convenient, "ordinary electric water heater heating time is relatively long, and there will be a person after the bath, the second person must wait for the water temperature to wash the situation. Type electric water heater with the time to open, do not have to shut down, basically there is no waiting for the problem.In addition, the hot water heater on the water pressure is no requirement, so not like a gas water heater, due to lack of water can not be used. Very suitable for modern people fast-paced life needs.It is suitable for ordinary household wash, cooking, shower and barber shop.Without the warm-up, naturally do not need large, stupid, heavy storage tank and insulation layer, so It is small in size, light weight, and easy to install, save space, save materials and other advantages; the most important thing is to save people valuable time.

Second, energy saving

Because there is no preheating, it will not produce the heat when the heat loss, but also because of how much water to put the number of water, will not produce like water storage water heater, the remaining water will take away a lot of heat. Some users in order to facilitate, but also want to open a hot water valve, had to water storage water heater always plug the power. Beijing experts have done a special test, 40L insulation better water storage water heater, 24 hours a day hot water do not have to spend 1.2 degrees or more, and the more cold the weather the greater the power consumption. In contrast, the rated electric water heater rated power of 3000 ~ 8000 watts, there may be consumers that such a large power, power consumption must be great. In fact, the hot water heater does not have to warm up in advance, so there is no heat when the heat loss, and the heating time is relatively short can also adjust the flow to save energy, so the actual power consumption does not need to use the rated power, usually summer Use 1500W will be able to meet the requirements. According to the relevant survey data show that it is more than preheating water storage type electric water heater more than 30%. That is, hot water heaters, energy saving, and thus the state of these products are classified as energy-saving products. In the case of water, electricity shortage, especially suitable for this product.

Three, no scaling, long life

Because of this water heater, one end into the cold water, one end of the hot water, hot water temperature will not be high, the shower is generally not higher than 45 ℃, so the pipeline will not scale (due to water scaling temperature at 70 ℃ ), The heating body temperature rise will not be high, so that the damage rate of waterway and heating element will be reduced accordingly, so the water heater life longer. Generally water storage type electric water heater 2 to 3 times.

Fourth, the water temperature is constant, the use of comfortable

Used water storage water heater people, generally have such an experience, the beginning of the need to adjust the temperature of the water, the water temperature is not cool is hot, once adjusted, with a little time the water will cool, and hot water heater, Good will constant temperature constant, make people comfortable, and many people can also be attached

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