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Modern trend of the advantages and principles of thermostatic faucets

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

Modern trend of the advantages and principles of thermostatic faucets

When the faucet meets with intelligence, can you imagine what it looks like? In fact, there is no illusion that this faucet is already available. That is the thermostatic faucet. Is the thermostatic faucet easy to use? What is the principle? Let's introduce it to you.

Thermostatic faucet is also called thermostatic mixing faucet and thermostatic faucet. It can automatically mix cold water and hot water into a predetermined temperature of water temperature.


   Its advantages: The current thermostatic faucet adopts the first water temperature control technology, which is very accurate for the set temperature control adjustment, and can keep the water temperature unchanged; the biggest advantage of the thermostatic faucet is its convenient and safe use, energy saving and environmental protection, Today's thermostatic faucet uses an intelligent design, manual operation is very simple, while the use of security is also very high, with high-precision temperature control, over-temperature, water shut off automatic shutdown function, absolute security guaranteed; Water-saving, it has a rapid heat exchange technology, saving up to 30%.

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