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Misunderstanding of energy efficiency logo

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Misunderstanding of energy efficiency logo

Energy efficiency labeling, also known as energy efficiency labeling, is an information label that is attached to an energy-consuming product or its minimum packaging to indicate performance metrics such as product energy efficiency rating. The main purpose is to provide users and consumers with purchasing information necessary to guide and help consumers choose energy-efficient energy-saving products.


According to the relevant provisions of national standards, China's energy efficiency labeling currently divides energy efficiency into five levels.


However, many consumers have recently doubted that Optima's water heater energy efficiency rating is 4th, so it will consume electricity, in order to prevent consumers from missing good products because of low energy efficiency levels when shopping.

Xiao Bian should clarify here that although the energy efficiency rating of a quick-fired electric water heater is four, it is more energy efficient than a product with a high energy efficiency rating (1.2).



The traditional electric water heater has a high energy efficiency rating because the insulation layer of the traditional electric water heater is thick, so the insulation effect is relatively good, and its energy efficiency rating is also relatively high.

The expansion speed electric hot water heater has a 30-minute automatic shutdown function, when consumers use the extension electric water heater, the water heater will automatically shut down after half an hour, do not need the same as the traditional electric water heater insulation, consume a lot of energy required for thermal insulation In fact, electricity is saved, so that it is not necessary to use a very thick insulation layer for insulation. Therefore, the insulation layer is relatively thin, which lowers the energy efficiency rating.

Not to mention the rapid heating products due to high power heating speed, so the liner is relatively small, the expansion of electric water heater liner capacity of 16L, so the same is a bile of hot water is let cool, and the electric heating water heater waste energy Far less than a traditional electric water heater.

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