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Maintenance of electric water heater faucets and showers

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 06, 2018

Maintenance of electric water heater faucets and showers

When using the electric water heater, the faucet and shower should be regularly maintained. There are five main points of work.

    1. Regularly check the upper and lower water hoses. If it is found to have cracking, replace it immediately, so as to ensure that the service life of the faucet is not affected.

    2. You can use a softer cloth to apply a little bit of toothpaste to clean the surface of the faucet, then rinse it off with water. However, do not wipe with an alkaline cleaner or steel ball to avoid damage to the plating surface.

    3. Every other month or so, wipe the faucet with car wax, you can seal the small hole on the surface of the plating layer to avoid moisture or corrosive gas running in.

    4. The foaming device located at the faucet outlet often has a small amount of water or instability due to water quality problems. This may be because the foamer is blocked by debris, and the foamer can be unscrewed with water or needle to remove impurities. Object.

    5. In the process of using the single-handle faucet, do not open and close too fast; in addition, the double-handle faucet should not be too close, otherwise the water stop bolt will fall off, causing the water to flow and the switch cannot be turned off.

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