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Low-cost instantaneous heating electric water heater manufacturing technology to make progress

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

According to statistics, the EU average annual demand for new water heaters about 900 million units, including electric water heaters demand more than 100 million units. Electric water heater in addition to industrial applications, mainly used in domestic hot water supply and automatic hot drinks machine. Traditional electric water heaters need to wait for some time to reach the required temperature, waste water and energy. The current market, the popular instantaneous heating technology, because the production and operating costs are relatively expensive, mainly used in industrial areas, the use of the family subject to certain limitations.

The EU's seventh R & D framework is € 1.1 million, with a total R & D investment of 1.42 million euros. The R & D team consists of seven innovative small and medium-sized SMEs in the UK, Spain and Turkey. Since 2013, The Joint Technology of Heating Technology.

R & D activities focus on the development of low-cost instantaneous heating materials and heating components of the mechanical structure of the optimal design, to solve the family shower and automatic hot drinks machine instantaneous heating problem. Through repeated tests, the successful development of low cost, high thermal conductivity, high resistivity combination of advanced materials. On this basis, the design of a compact, lightweight, low heat loss and heating the rapid response of the new heating components prototype.

New technology has applied for European invention patents, the current mass production of the first batch of products.

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