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Kitchen faucet points

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Kitchen faucet points

Bathroom products are essential household items for every household. Kitchen faucets are of utmost importance and must be made essential. However, everyone who knows about the kitchen faucet is not what everyone knows. Today, Xiao Bian introduces you to the kitchen faucet. Buy points!

First, the kitchen faucet can rotate 360 degrees.


  For the convenience of use, the kitchen faucet should be selected higher, and the outlet nozzle should be very long. It is best to extend it to the top of the outlet, and it cannot splash water. If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, this faucet should also be double. In order to meet various needs of use, most of the kitchen faucets can now turn the main body of the faucet, while the faucet part, the faucet-type faucet can pull out the faucet and facilitate the cleaning to all corners of the sink. The disadvantage is that it is extracted. When the spout is in place, one hand must be left to hold the spout. Some faucet taps can rotate 360° up and down.


  Second, if the financial resources allow, the preferred material is stainless steel.


  Kitchen faucets are generally made of brass, which is the most common copper faucet on the market. However, due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily the best choice. All copper faucets have electroplating on the outermost layer, and the role of electroplating is to prevent internal brass corrosion and rust. The fumes in the kitchen are large, plus the greasy and clean hands on the hands when washing the dishes, will often need to clean the faucet. If you do not use the correct method for cleaning, it is possible to damage the plating of the faucet and cause the faucet to be corroded and rusted. If you want to choose a full copper kitchen faucet, be sure to determine the excellent plating, otherwise it is very easy to cause the faucet to rust and corrosion.

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