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[Kitchen faucet] buy three principles

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 10, 2018

[Kitchen faucet] buy three principles

Faucet is a must-have item in the kitchen. Please pay attention to some principles and techniques when choosing a kitchen faucet. Let's explain to you the three principles for choosing the kitchen faucet today to ensure that you can choose the right kitchen faucet.

Joint ware copper kitchen faucet scene picture

Kitchen Faucet Selection Principle 1: Water Saving


The faucet bubbler is now widely recognized in the market. Its advantage is that it can slow the flow of water and keep the effluent flow at 8.3 liters/minute to save water. Honeycomb-shaped flow restrictors not only allow the water to flow out of the foam, allowing the user to feel that the water flow is full of bubbles that soften the flow of water, while feeling full of water but actually more water-efficient than a bubble-free stream. Under normal circumstances, water-saving features can save nearly 20% of the water bill.


Kitchen Faucet Selection Principle 2: Durability


Whether the kitchen faucet is durable is related to the mood of cooking. According to professionals, whether or not the faucet has a durable surface treatment process is very important. It is tested in an acidic, high-temperature environment with a pH close to 3 and is intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that the surface treatment process is very hard.


Kitchen Faucet Selection Principle 3: Humanization


Xiao Bian also saw a pull-out kitchen faucet in the market, with columnar water outlet and jet water outlet. The shower button on the top of the shower can be easily converted. It is clean and convenient, and it has a 1.5 meter length that can be pulled. Stainless steel hose makes it easy to reach where you need it, making cleaning fun.

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