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Kitchen basin faucet installation

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Kitchen basin faucet installation

  Everyone is using a kitchen sink faucet, but what about your kitchen sink faucet? Let us introduce you today!

The kitchen sink faucet installation method is to first close the water valve below the sink, use pliers to unscrew the connection between the faucet and the hot and cold water pipes, separate the vegetable basin from the sealant on the marble surface, and use the props along the The edge can be slowly opened. Take the bowl, remove the old faucet, install the new faucet on the sink, follow the instructions, put the bowl back on the marble surface, and then tighten the hose and hot and cold water pipe under the basin Then open the water valve to see if it leaks. Water leakage requires the processing of the interface, and the sealant is used to bond the vegetable bowl to the marble surface joints so that it will not leak water. The kitchen basin faucet is installed, isn't it easy to learn?

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