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Instant Shower Heater, Electric Water Heater

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Installation: Wall Mounted

  • Bearing or Not: Closed

  • Interior Material: Copper

  • Usage: Bathroom

  • Clour: White

  • Place of Origin: dongguan, China (Mainland)

  • Operation Pressure: 10A/to 400kpa

  • Water Storage Mode: Instant Heating Type

  • Pressure: Pressurized

  • Control Mode: Digital Display

  • Housing Material: Plastic

  • Certification: CE, UL

  • Material: PP

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

Electric bathroom heaterour shower heater is a small unit, so it obviously doesn't contain a water pump. The water pressure of your mains is the pressure with which you will get water from your shower head. The only purpose of the shower is to quickly heat cold water coming from the mains, while it runs through the shower and out of the shower head.
Thus, the main advantage of the electric shower is that you heat only as much water as you use, as opposed to a conventional water heater, where power is wasted heating more water than is required. This makes the electrical water heater very economical.
Also, with this electric shower, you are not dependent on the conventional water heater and the time it takes to heat up water.
Another advantage that comes with purchasing such a shower is minimal plumbing. Since you don't need to mix hot and cold water, just one pipe connected to your cold water mains is sufficient for an electric shower.
Without waiting, it can provide continuous hot water in only 5 seconds. The actual color of the product can be confirmed by the client!
1) Electric shower straight flow heating system heats water in 5s;
2)Electric leakage protection, over pressure protection, anti-creeping chip, dry-heating protection, over-temperature protection;
3)When rate of flower is lower than the minimum volume, itself will have the water heater stopped working to avoid dry heating and damages to the heater;
4)Lively style, Power adjustable, easy to be installed everywhere;
5)Instant water heating, energy saving and environmental friendly.
Circuit breaker Cable size Voltage Power rating
50A 10mm2 110/127V 4000/5400W
40A 6mm2 110/127V 3300/4400W
30A 4mm2 220/230V 5400W
25A 4mm2 220/230V 4400W
35A 6mm2 127V 3850W
Frequency 50/60Hz Out water
30-60° C
IP class IP 24 Grounding wire YES
Water flow 5L/min Hose and
Hand shower
On your shower wall the shower head can be mounted, and its height adjusted, making it very convenient to use. The hand shower is attached to the shower head. Place the selector key in the position desired. The water temperature can be controlled through the water value!
Depending on the cost of the shower head, you can get a variety of sprays to improve your shower experience. They supply water at a consistent temperature which can be varied depending on user preference.

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