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How to use the thermostatic faucet

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

How to use the thermostatic faucet

We all know that household taps, ordinary taps are also used, but everyone is not aware of the thermostat faucet, here's how to use the thermostat faucet!

The standard thermostatic faucet has one knob on the right and left, and the knob on the left adjusts the temperature of the water: twisting it forward, the temperature of the water drops; when the screw is turned back, the temperature of the water increases, but when it is screwed to 38°C, it cannot be moved. This is because if the water temperature exceeds 38°C, the skin is easily burned. If a higher water temperature is required, the safety button on the knob must be held down to continue screwing back. The knob on the right controls the water flow and the amount of water: when the scale is aligned, it is in the closed state; when twisting forward, the water outlet at the bottom of the nozzle will turn out of the water, and the greater the amount of water to be screwed forward, the greater the amount of water that will be twisted forward; .

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