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How to use gas water heaters safely

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Gas water heater and many products, the use of a certain law should be followed, as long as the installation in accordance with the provisions of the correct procedures in accordance with the operation, so good ventilation, use it will be very safe, it will facilitate life, the benefit of mankind. If you violate this law, it will be a problem.

Hypoxia and carbon monoxide hazards to humans

When the water heater is used to oxygen combustion, the second is to produce flue gas. Under normal circumstances, the carbon monoxide content in the flue gas is very small, but in the case of insufficient air supply, the carbon monoxide content in the flue gas will be greatly increased. Water heater in the case of poor ventilation, the air less and less oxygen, more and more carbon monoxide, hypoxia makes people suffocate, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating toxic gas, poisoning in addition to headache, dizziness, nausea, but also tinnitus, palpitations, vomiting, limb weakness and other symptoms. The use of water heaters must be well ventilated, absolutely careless.

How to avoid accidents

In order to reduce and avoid accidents, the use of water heater users to keep in mind the correct use of precautions, and do the following:

Always check the gas pipeline to avoid leakage of the pipeline. Found that leakage should be timely closed gas valve, open doors and windows, prohibit the fire;

Every time you use the gas water heater, you should check the installation of the water heater room window or exhaust fan is open, ventilation is good, continuous use of water heaters bath, should maintain good ventilation;

Windy weather found to install the water heater room pouring wind or flue water heater from the flue when the smoke should be suspended when the use of water heaters;

Run to find the flame overflow shell or the lower part of the flames jump out, should be suspended;

Water heater running when the upper black smoke, indicating that the heat exchanger has been seriously blocked or there is a foreign body in the burner, should be immediately disabled and sent to repair;

Found the upper part of the water heater flames jump out, may be too high gas pressure or gas source type, should stop using the identification of the reasons;

Cold season water heater should pay attention to frost;

For minors, foreign friends and relatives to use water heaters should pay special attention to safety guidance, the correct use of the church, do not care;

Smoke should pay attention to prevent corrosion, flue can not be blocked;

Water heater every six months or a year, should be a comprehensive maintenance staff first time.

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