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How to properly install the ideal Feng Shui location for the hot and cold water tap

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 17, 2018

How to properly install the ideal Feng Shui location for the hot and cold water tap

First, the position orientation: the direction of the small faucet is also very particular, Feng Shui says "water main wealth", so the flow of water is particularly important at this time. The faucet controls the direction of the water flow. From this point of view, regardless of the style of the faucet, the position orientation is the most critical factor.

Second, the problem of water leakage: the use of faucets or faucets for a long time will lead to water leakage problems, which is also a bad phenomenon in feng shui. Therefore, if it is not resolved in time, it will lead to the loss of money in the home, and the loss of money, of course, is a bad sign. In addition, there is a saying that if the kitchen feng shui is not good, it will affect the physical health of the hostess.

Third, the performance of the stove: not to mention the bathroom, from the kitchen alone, the biggest safety cause is the kitchen stove, from the feng shui, if the faucet is facing the stove, there will be a corner, Rotten peaches, money leaks, and even bloody disasters, so we remember to avoid this situation when we arrange.

4. Corrosion Corrosion: When the rust is corroded and corroded, it will cause the water to flow out or the amount of water is small, which affects our daily use, which is very bad in Feng Shui.

I believe that you should know a little more after reading it. The feng shui layout is very important, but it should be noted that we should do a good job when installing the faucet at the beginning.

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