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How to pick solar water heaters in winter?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

In the winter, wash a warm hot bath, relax the body and mind, how comfortable to enjoy ah. However, the current market sales of solar water heaters a wide range of how to choose solar water heaters, as many people a troubled.

According to the experts of the Council, the selection of water heaters should be considered from four aspects:

1. See the thermal performance indicators, in which the "daily useful heat" or "average daily efficiency" as high as possible, and "average heat loss factor" or "average heat loss coefficient" as low as possible; home solar water heater key components Is the vacuum tube, vacuum tube quality directly affects the performance of the entire household solar water heater. Purchase should be carefully observed in the vacuum tube on the glass tube coating, this layer of coating called the sun selective absorption coating. As the manufacturers of different production processes, coating color will be different, but are generally black, dark blue or dark gray. Good quality coating should be uniform color, the film without scratches, no skin or shedding phenomenon, the glass is also no stones or nodules.

2. Purchase should also be based on the number of resident population at home to determine the size of the purchase of household solar water heater capacity. The general standard is 40 liters of water per person. If you purchase solar water heaters need to configure the electric heating device, should choose the product with electrical safety design; purchase other related accessories, such as automatic water device, water temperature water level display, solenoid valve, etc., must ask the life and warranty period The

3. Installation should pay attention to whether the installation of a solid bracket, all the screws and joints are tightened, the installation of the upper and lower water pipe is reasonable, whether the water heater itself reinforcement measures and so on. In particular, it should be noted that in the sewage pipe must be installed to stop the device to prevent hot water reflux, pour into the cold water pipe.

4. After-sales service is also very important. The best choice for well-known brand products and good after-sales service dealers. Because home solar water heaters are durable consumer goods, and usually installed on the roof, once a failure, the user is difficult to solve their own, so after-sales service must be guaranteed. At present, the market free warranty period is generally 3 to 5 years. As the solar water heater is installed outdoors, long time use, the vacuum tube will be dust or impurities pollution, resulting in reduced heat absorption efficiency. So the vacuum tube of the water heater should be regularly cleaned, especially in the winter snowy areas, the snow need to clean up in time. Such as affected by the housing design, they can not clean up, should ask the dealer, after-sales service is included in a regular cleaning.

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