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How to maintain and pay attention to electric water heaters daily:

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 09, 2018

How to maintain and pay attention to electric water heaters daily:

Electric water heaters are now essential fast hot water appliances for every household. In order to ensure the safe use of the products, prolong the service life of the products and maintain the high working efficiency of the products, it facilitates our lives and provides us with continuous hot water. The operation of electric water heaters and proper maintenance of electric water heaters can better ensure our personal safety. The following small series explain electric water heater cleaning methods and daily maintenance precautions.

Electric water heater routine maintenance

1. Make a regular appearance cleaning of the product: first cut off the power supply, then use a neutral detergent to clean the appearance of the product, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Be careful not to clean it with gasoline or other solvents.

2. Use electric water heaters in areas with freezing temperatures below 0°C. Ensure that the water in the water heater has a certain temperature and will not freeze. Otherwise it will damage the electric water heater. If it is disabled for a long time, the power of the electric water heater should be cut off, and the water in the water heater should be drained through the sewage outlet.

3, always check the power plug and socket are normal, reliable, power grounding is good, whether the product overheating.

4. The use of electric water heaters is prohibited when water is stopped or the tank is not full of water. This avoids damage to the product components.

5, once a month to do a safety valve function check, pull a small handle to check, to remove the calcium carbonate deposition, if any water out of the safety valve is working properly.

 6. Regularly (generally every week) check and press the "test" button on the leakage protection plug to confirm whether the leakage protection plug function is normal; if the leakage protection plug has abnormal function, the power cord is damaged, etc. must be repaired by a professional. Replacement (required to use the original after-sales special accessories).

Maintenance methods 1. If the amount of water in the shower is reduced, it is necessary to promptly clean the clogged contaminants in the outlet to keep the outlet open and help extend the service life of the water heater.

2. In the electric water heater, anode magnesium rods will be installed to release active magnesium and neutralize the corrosive particles in the water to protect the inner liner. However, the anode rods will be consumed, depending on the local water quality, so generally 1-2 Annual need to replace the magnesium stick.

3, regular cleaning of the liner, because the water contains trace impurities and minerals, long-term use, it will slowly settle down, if not cleaning will not only block the pipeline, breeding bacteria, will affect the water quality to the whole life of the machine; When you want to turn off the power. As long as the normal water inlet is ensured, open the drain valve and drain the clean water from the drain valve. Deep cleaning can be done.

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