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How to choose a good quality faucet

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 14, 2018

So how do you tell the quality of the faucet?

The first is to look at the appearance. In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the faucet manufacturer will plate a layer of nickel or chrome on the surface. When purchasing, consumers should place the faucet in a place with sufficient light. The surface should have no obvious defects, and there is no burr formed by poor plating quality. , the burning point, some parts are not coated, there are no small holes and spots formed by poor casting quality.

The second is the weight component. Most of the raw materials for faucets are copper, which is heavy. Some inferior products use plastics and other alternative materials, which are lighter in weight and have a shorter service life. In general, consumers can use the weight of the method to identify when purchasing, brass is heavier and harder, and zinc alloy is lighter and softer.

The third is to touch the hand. When purchasing, the consumer can easily judge whether the spool is good or bad according to the feel when turning the handle. In general, the consumer turns the handle up, down, left, and right. If it feels light and has no blockage, the spool is better.

The fourth is to listen to the sound. Lightly tapped with a light metal object, the sound is clear and clear, no void, indicating that the faucet valve body has no defects such as cracks and large bubbles.

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