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How does a hot-type electric water heater eliminate safety hazards?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jun 19, 2018

How does a hot-type electric water heater eliminate safety hazards?

  With the development of society, the consumer needs of users are constantly changing. Some people will look at the appearance, size, brand in the purchase of home appliances, but the most important and the only change is safety, safety is the first element of home appliances. Taking the most common water heater as an example, the universal use of electric water heaters has made water heaters an essential household appliance for most households. In water heaters, water storage is the most common type, and the heat type is the most convenient and compact type. It is instantly hot, and does not have to wait. Usually, heating can be started within seconds. However, the power of instant electric water heaters is large, and many people question its safety.


    When it comes to safety, most people will think of electric shock. After all, electric appliances with several kilowatts of power will be inconceivable in case of electric leakage. Formal instant electric water heaters will definitely not, because there are multiple electrical leakage and physical protection of the wall, leakage protection and grounding protection and other multiple security. In addition to the leakage protection measures that most of these electric water heaters have, the large brand instant electric water heaters also contain a variety of smart leakage protection settings. Such as the outstanding virtue of Germany and Le Shi electric water heater, inherited the spirit of German craftsmen, that is, hot water heaters to achieve separation of water and electricity, coupled with anti-leakage protection technology and leakage protection electromagnetic automatic protection device, triple protection of your safety.


         Careful people will notice that anyone who uses a gas water heater knows that when the water heater is turned on at a high fire level, a sharp voice will be heard. It is that there is no water in the bladder, but the temperature rises and the bladder is dry. The liner has a very large loss and it also increases the safety risk. The start-up delay time and start-up technology of the Dezesir instant electric water heater and the 95°C anti-dry set protect the liner and prolong the service life of the liner. The concept of adding bricks and tiles.

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