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Household faucet selection rules

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 04, 2018

Household faucet selection rules

Although the household faucet is small, its importance is undoubted. The faucets on the market are even more dazzling. What kind of faucet is suitable for your home?


Faucet selection rule: water saving

   When selecting a faucet, ask if the water flow rate stays above and below 8.3 liters/minute, you can achieve the purpose of saving water. In addition, some faucets have a honeycomb-shaped restrictor that not only allows the water to flow out of the foam, limits the flow rate, but also allows the user to feel that the water flow is softer and feels full of water.


   Faucet selection rule: durable

   Whether the faucet is durable or not, the surface treatment process is very important. A good faucet is subjected to acidic high temperature test and is in good condition for more than 4 hours. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, the faucet is not prone to drip and damage, and is still subject to hundreds of thousands of switches. Can be manipulated freely.

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