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Household faucet leakage treatment method

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Household faucet leakage treatment method

Most people think that leaking water from a domestic faucet is a problem with the spool. In fact, if used properly, the spool is not prone to problems. Therefore, if the faucet leaks, it should be analyzed from its essence. Here's a few points for everyone.


A: After the valve is closed, the faucet still emits water. This phenomenon may be caused by the loose pressure of the pressure cap to loosen the valve core and seal off the water. The solution is to remove the handle and the decorative cover, and then tighten the pressure cap again. There may be a deformation of the apron at the bottom of the valve core. Can not seal the water, the solution is to remove the spool, check the bottom apron, reset it and reinstall.


Second: Water seeps out from around the spool. This phenomenon may be loose or displacement of the spool. The solution is to remove the spool and reinstall it once.


Three: Water seeps out from the middle of the spool. This phenomenon is the damage to the spool. The solution is to replace the spool. If the tap leaks, replace the spool. This will definitely increase maintenance costs.


Four: Leaking at the bottom of the faucet. This phenomenon is generally caused by the water pipe O-ring is not installed or deformed. The solution is to unscrew the hose. If it is found that the O-ring is not deformed, the O-ring and the inlet pipe will be re-fitted and installed. Yes, if the O-ring is found to be deformed, replace the O-ring.

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