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Home thermostat you understand?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 10, 2018

Home thermostat you understand?

The working principle of the thermostatic faucet: At the water outlet of the thermostatic faucet, it is equipped with a heat-sensitive temperature element, controls the movement of the valve body in the valve, and blocks or opens the cold and hot water inlet. When the temperature adjustment knob is set to a certain temperature, the thermostatic faucet adjusts the ratio of hot and cold water entering the outlet, so that the outlet water temperature is always kept constant.

Thermostatic faucet advantages:

    1, thermostatic faucet can automatically be constant in the initial setting of the temperature, as long as a set, just switch the water later you do not need to set the temperature every time, especially for children, the elderly.

    2. The thermostatic faucet also has a water supply disconnection automatic protection function. When the set temperature is below 38 degrees and below 38 degrees, regardless of the cold water or hot water supply pipeline due to failure, the thermostatic faucet will automatically stop working and can effectively prevent Occurrence of burns and cold shocks.

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